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ONA/D/ORA The true side of this Mona Lisa

Just like in a graduation photo, the student graduating will hold a diploma, this diploma is actually the book she learned to read while she was probably sleeping with Leonardo Davinci. We all know how much women's love artist.  if you need more proof, it was hidden in her the her name. you need to understand old old french.

Mona Lisa   :   Mona.Lisa

Ona Lisa      :   She.Lisa

On Lis          :   We.Read

O Li              :   In.Bed

/ L                :   eonardo 

The Ona D/ora is actually the same image of the Mona Lisa, by using a photo filter, you after few hours or many many hours obtain. Back in the day women's with high ranking had a lot of white make on their faces which give you her real face, then women's were not allowed to read so they will not be able to contradict men and men of religions with the holy book. You see you don't need to be a specialist of art to understand that I am right. In the end, they will never live your life and they will never be there when the divine will judge you. Once in a while, you can make your own judgment. I just proved that not only they all lied to you but also that at the age of 33 I have beaten all the specialists in art on this earth, and if you wonder how smart I am, look a part of all my patent on the walls, almost all the countries on this earth for more then one patent and I'm also the first fashion branded canvas in the world. I bet I'm stronger than all of them in court. This one is only a start I am on the next project. It will be easier if it gets bought by someone or let say a group of people together since WMERGE.


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